The people

Our chapter in the Rankenhof history begins in the early 1990s. The property was returned to the family. A place that we had heard of only in stories told with a certain yearning was suddenly ours. We were overjoyed and yet taken aback during those first few visits. So gorgeous, so big, so much to be done. An idea took shape: we'll share this beautiful place with guests. All that was needed for hosting guests was basically there. So we invested in the place, received support, and renovated. We wanted to keep everything authentic. And affordable. For nearly 10 years, Rankenhof was operated as a hotel just for seminars and workshops.

In 2004, we took the plunge. Leaving Berlin behind and moving into the country home, here in Groß Köris. The cottages remain available to our guests. Today, we are delighted we took this step. We hope that Rankenhof will stay just the way we love it for many years to come. For our guests to enjoy, for us and for our son Johan.

Ferial and Reinhard Geister