Look around

Park the luggage. And just look around the expansive grounds. Shaded by tall pinetrees, the country home and cottages overlook the lake from an elevated position. The property slopes toward the water, as if a park. A short path between the "Casino" and towering rhododendrons leads down to the Bootshaus. Mature and leafy trees provide shade. Two piers cut through thick reed, leading you out onto the lake. A wide landing at the tip of land extending into the lake is where you can return the boats available to you. White benches, blue skies. The water invites you to immediately jump in or paddle. A variety of options are available: boats for paddling, rowing or powering with your feet, or a vintage motorboat. Or maybe it's time for a round of ping-pong and badminton in our large field. A trampoline awaits at the playground. And there's also just resting in the shade. A lounge chair under a green tree canopy or among the "Casino's" arcades made of reddish tuffa rock. Enjoy this beautiful place. And all its spaciousness.