Sure, you can load the car with pasta, rice and canned tomato sauce. But you also have the option of shopping for groceries in the neighboring village. You'll find everything you need there. A bakery, supermarket and newsstand are all just a few minutes away by bike or car. Fishing permits, toys for the water, gifts and almost anything else can be found at Haushaltswarenladen Brunner, a local store for household goods.

If you are looking for organic products, visit the Bio Oase store in Klein Köris. They also carry Spreewald specialty items. A short drive farther brings you to the Gläserne Molkerei in Münchehofe. Here, you can buy delicious cheese and dairy products and other organic produce from the region. While shopping at the farm store, you can also take a tour of the organic dairy.

You will find delicious regional wild game products at the Hammer District Forest Service, and fresh smoked fish in Groß Schauen. Also available on the restaurant's menu at Fischerei Köllnitz. Complete your excursion with a visit to the Fishing Museum and seek out more tips for exploring nature at the Heinz Sielmann Foundation info counter, directly next door.