Beautifully located

Just an hour from Berlin Alexanderplatz, not even half an hour from the Berlin-Schönefeld airport, a good hour from Cottbus. The A13 highway runs through a forest of deciduous and conifer trees. Exit the Autobahn at Groß Köris, pass beneath it and drive straight ahead. Then turn left, following the signs for Rankenhof. You'll be driving down a small cobblestone lane. You slow down. Potholes and treeroots are your first promising signs of getting away from it all. The potholes become fewer, the pinetrees more and there are two small bridges. Canoes and mosquitoes. In winter, skaters on the ice, snuggled warm by thick scarves. A beautiful Scandinavian landscape. And here you are. Pass through the entrance, you'll see a pavillion and a country home. Tucked among the woods, the cottages sparkle. Reflecting sun through the pinetrees, the lake. You've arrived. It's fantastic to be here.